Lesson Snapshots

Enjoy these short lessons, to:

Set a balanced Growth Agenda

Craft a compelling Innovation Strategy

Equip teams with expertise in Innovation Design, and

Assess and elevate your organization’s Innovation Capability.


Balance Growth

Strategic growth should be balanced between today’s customer and tomorrow’s. Push the present forward, while also inventing your future.

Propel Growth

Use Ampersand’s Propeller Model to transform your culture. Build an innovation engine.

(see Innovation Capability Assessment here)

Reach for the Stars

Manage a balanced portfolio at three levels of risk and reward, while always exploring a few experiments on the far horizon. Reach for the stars, with your feet on the ground.


Envision Futures | Future Habitat Case

How can we scan and interpret trends to forecast the future? To discover the future of habitation, Ampersand used big data analytics to connect the dots on the major trends that will affect our residential lives. Envision your future.

Value Design

How do you quantify the value of design? Calculate your ROI: Return On Innovation.

Build Foundations | Platform Design

Platforms describe a strategic class of innovations that set a foundation for exponential growth, often expanding into unforeseen future possibilities. Design Platforms to create an economic engine across generations of products, services and customers.


Play to Strength

Discover the core asset that your customers will value. Issue a challenge. Discover how Soichiro Honda’s insight helped turn around his company by playing to strength.

Recast the Problem

Learn from GE Aviation. Bring diverse thinkers into your design team. Unshackle your thinking from what YOU do. Discover your customer’s real needs. Redefine the problem to create a more valuable, disruptive platform innovation.

Cultivate Ecosystems | Apple Music Case

Elevate and expand your innovation design by cultivating ecosystems. This case shows how Apple Music won prominence, against Steve Jobs’ instincts, by inviting partners to come out and play.

Beat the Golden Triangle

Disruptive innovation breaks the golden triangle of Time, Cost & Quality. Design the ideal – an alternative that is better, faster AND cheaper.

Design User Experience | 5E Method

Explore how Disney properties create remarkable branded experience that keeps generations of loyalists coming back—and bringing their friends.

Diagnose Pain

Innovation must be founded on empathy, understanding your user’s underlying pain and latent often unarticulated needs. Become a growth doctor. Diagnose pain. Understand cause. Only then can you you prescribe a better solution.


Formulate Change

How will you drive change required to grow your company in a changing market? This simple formula helps you make the case and transform your organization – together!

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