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In this workshop, participants learn how to diagnose and audit the current state of innovation in their business. This helps them identify their true capabilities, identify impediments to progress, and to chart a path to build innovation into the fiber of the business.

Measure five competency levels

Management advisor and educator CK Prahlahad described the need for companies to identify their underlying core competencies. To assess innovation, this workhop uses Ampersand’s 5 level framework, sometimes referred to as stages of organization maturity.


Each level practices at a different cadence. As you move up from Level 1 to 5, you see how the capabilities focus becomes increasingly systematic and sophisticated. Participants can use the sample indicators on this chart to identify roughly where they believe the organization operates today.

Your scorecard sets a path. Grow your capabilities level by level.

After the instructors introduce the scorecard below with case examples from Amazon and General Electric (or custom cases more germane to your sector), participants share stories of past innovation efforts and growth initatives.

Meanwhile, the listeners are then challenged to plot these internal case examples on the matrix. Participants compare their scorecards to begin to build a consensus around the current state of your capabilities.

innovation competency matrix

The result represents a map to build on your organizational competencies in a deliberate effort.

Following this session, your people will build the capabilties required to:

  • keep a vigilant watch on the market. Not just today’s competitors and customers, but the indicators of emerging trends, changing behaviors and advancing technologies.
  • equip your leaders to inspire informed risk-taking, consistent with your clearly articulated portfolio strategy for innovation.
  • document and measure a repeatable core innovation processes, enabling your people to reveal new market opportunities, discover deep user insights, and design solutions that exploit your assets and brand advantages.
  • refine your organization structure to compel teams to collaborate.
  • empower teams with knowledge, tools, skills, discipline, inspiration and aspiration to find the future first and win it best.

Your culture ultimately reflects the current state of your progress. As you build your competencies, results arrive in a growing stream of profitable new revenues.

Celebrate growth that your group might never have otherwise achieved.

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