Citi charts the future of banking


Citi charts the future of banking


Citi’s Innovation Lab required visibility into the future of banking. The challenge ranged across the spectrum of financial services in retail and commercial banking sectors.


Transactions in every currency through history share the same platform attributes. Until now.


Working with Doblin Group, Roger Mader led a team to discern the underlying trends driving changing demand patterns beyond the conventional definitions of retail and wholesale banking. Using trend analytics, they projected consumer and commercial needs for finance, exploring potential new platforms from privacy and security to liquidity, mobility, transaction performance and global access.


The opportunity space method performs a semantic search organized around change drivers and crosses them with a custom redefinition of “domains of money” to produce a heat map of emerging opportunity.

Running this model against structured and open data yields a network map of themes, with over 100,000 intersecting nodes. This revealed converging consumer trends, including stark shifts in personal understanding and behaviors of finance, emerging mobile platforms, bottom-of-the-pyramid resource sharing communities, stateless virtual currencies, and finance-as-insurance. In the commercial space – the relationship between entity transactions also foretold major shifts, particularly in a period of regime change in regulatory intervention.

Together these domains of opportunity created a map for Citi to explore, prioritize and prototype the future of finance.