Dan Chichester

Dan leverages his passion for deep empathy and understanding of human experience to further innovative concepts, solutions and actions.

dan-chichester-gray (1)Whether someone is suffering chronic or debilitating disease, struggling financially, or looking for solutions in heavy manufacturing, Dan applies a user-centered approach to uncover, clarify and define the most salient and actionable needs. Dan also works as a coach and advisor within organizations to help them develop their own capacity for user-research.

For a quarter century Dan led the user-research discipline for account teams at Doblin Group, the innovation strategy practice of Deloitte. He has worked in Consumer products, Financial services, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Telecommunications, and Travel industries. As an alumnus and guest lecturer of IIT’s Institute of Design, Dan is committed to education. He has returned to teach classes in Observing Users and Imagery in Research and Design.

Dan and his wife are Chicago residents where they love to take advantages of the local culture, Chicago’s great museums, public gardens and volunteer opportunities.

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