Dan Peterson

For over 15 years, Dan has turned ideas into reality.

Dan Peterson

Dan applies his tenacious curiosity to translate user needs – often those they can’t yet articulate – into inventive products, services, user-experiences, and business solutions that delight.

Dan directed programs at HLB, designing from the fuzzy front end to place over 300 new products on the shelf. He launched and ran several companies and served as a board member.

Dan holds a BFA in Industrial Design and an MBA from University of Illinois. He earned his Masters in Design Methods from the Institute of Design at IIT Chicago. When he’s not donning his scuba gear for another of his 500+ dives around the world, you may find Dan cooking for groups of not less than 100. A classically trained chef, he graduated from the prestigious Kendall College School of Culinary Arts, the “Harvard of cuisine”.

Renaissance Man Dan not only brings home the bacon, he converts it into a foam to infuse it into a gastronomic pièce de résistance. One eager fan proclaimed his cheesecake “the next best thing to the big O”. We think she meant Oprah.

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