Innovation Competence

Even great innovators can raise their game.

The Innovation Capability Scorecard™charts a deliberate path to grow your organization’s capabilities across five levels.

We diagnose and audit the current state of innovation to help organizations understand their true capabilities, identify impediments to progress, and to chart a path to build innovation into the fiber of the business.

Take this AMPERSAND PROPELLER SURVEY to rate your own organization.

innovation competency matrix

This simple scorecard makes it clear how you need to build on your organizational competencies in a deliberate effort. It will enable you to:

  • keep a vigilant watch on the market. Not just today’s competitors and customers, but the indicators of emerging trends, changing behaviors and advancing technologies.
  • equip your leaders to inspire informed risk-taking, consistent with your clearly articulated portfolio strategy for innovation.
  • document and measure a repeatable core innovation processes, enabling your people to reveal new market opportunities, discover deep user insights, and design solutions that exploit your assets and brand advantages.
  • refine your organization structure to compel teams to collaborate.
  • empower teams with knowledge, tools, skills, discipline, inspiration and aspiration to find the future first and win it best.

Build Your Human Performance System

Remember that training is only one mechanism required to achieve competence. If you want your people to own innovation every day, you need to know that they can do the job, and understand when and why it matters. Motivate with purpose, and collaborate with intent.


Your culture ultimately reflects the current state of your progress. As you build your competencies, results arrive in a growing stream of profitable new revenues.

Designed as a deliberate human performance system, your teams will soon celebrate the growth they could never have achieved otherwise.

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