Innovation Design

Innovate in 4D

Designing successful innovations requires a disciplined process driven by tangible market and user insights.

This is, above all, a team sport. Select any of the four phases for detail.

define-squarePhase 1: DEFINE your business requirements. Ensure all stakeholders agree on both the level of ambition—how big, how bold—and the cost and risk required to achieve it.

bargray-lightdiscover-squarePhase 2: DISCOVER the latent demand in the market. What user needs go unserved? What emerging social, economic, technological and scientific trends will alter their perceptions of want and need?

bargray-lightdesign-squarePhase 3: DESIGN a portfolio of concepts at at various levels of risk and reward. Recognize that higher reward incurs higher risk, so prepare to pilot multiple versions to pilot, test and iterate your way to success.

bargray-lightdeploy-squarePhase 4: DEPLOY concepts in protected pilot programs, reducing variables, testing resonance, veiling your work from competitors, and hitting predefined metrics to maximize probable success.


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