Jose Cruz

Jose wields information technology like a magic wand.


With an eye on the cutting edge for leveraging technology to empower his users and enable business productivity, Jose proves time and again that raising the bar for any enterprise means challenging the status quo. He blazes a path to new standards and best practices.

“JOSE CRUZ is commonly referred to as ‘the guy’ for getting things done in a cost effective and timely manner to the benefit of business continuity and making his employer feel comfortable with effortless acceptance of the technologies and workflows he implements.”

~ Technology INC. Magazine , 2007

Featured in USA Today, PC World Magazine, Baseline Magazine, Technology Inc. Magazine for his work with WiMax, PCI Compliance, Backup and Mobile Computing technologies, Jose harnesses data and powers technology to accelerate Ampersand and our clients.

Jose brings breakthrough technology to all his passions. He holds a US Patent for his innovation in Canine Diversity Breeding, and a Trademark for his own Hybrid breed, the Chatham Hill Retriever, with strengthened immune system. His work was featured on Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet.

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