Propeller Diagnostic

Diagnose your organization alignment using the Propeller Model™

Great companies start in the market. Understand your customers; translate their needs into the demand you choose to serve.

Then turn inward. Declare your purpose; why does the world need you? Align your core process to deliver on your promise. Structure your team and extended network to perform that process. Then populate it with the best talent for the job to be done.

Sequence matters.

  1. Understand your market and your place within it.
  2. Declare your purpose. Make your promise.
  3. Design the core process and supporting processes to deliver on your promise.
  4. Only then can you design the organization structure that operates that process best.
  5. And finally, to put your people first, you must serve them last. Determine the talent you need to populate the structure, to run the process, to deliver the promise. And hire them because of their affinity for your shared purpose.

Do all that, and you’ll be proud of the culture you’ve built.

Fail to do it, and you’ll get the culture you deserve.

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To diagnose your organization’s effectiveness, start with the customer. Who is better equipped to tell you how you’re doing? Whether they applaud or abandon you, their actions speak louder than words.

End Users

How well do you know your true customers – the end-users of your product or service? 

  1. We don’t know who they are, what they want, or how they feel about us.
  2. We have a general understanding of who our customer might be; not sure how they feel about us.
  3. We have designated customer segments and know whether they have been satisfied or not with us in the past.
  4. We have reports showing how our customers in each segment rate us in key areas we consider important.
  5. We know our top advocate and our most outspoken detractor by name and exactly what they love and hate about their experience of us, in their own words, today.


If our buyers differ from our end users, how well do we know their purchase preferences?

Competitors, Substitutes, Alternatives, Oh My!

The list goes on.

Any rigorous diagnostic will need to interrogate and rate the critical elements of your operating model – Market and Purpose, Process, Structure and People. And it will use Culture, along with more tangible market results, as the gauge for breaks in the system.

Contact Ampersand for more detail on this deep diagnostic method. Know where you stand. Design your future. Construct the pieces. Propel your organization to new heights.

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