Purposeful Enterprise

Lead with Purpose

You and your enterprise deserve a fulfilling purpose

Why does your work matter? What difference do you make in the world? How closely aligned are your personal values and the actions of your enterprise?

Learn how to discover and frame a purpose that compels you, your customers, partners, investors and communities to strive for more.

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We Share a Superpower

The human species earns a unique position in nature’s pantheon—we alone above all creation can determine our purpose

We have risen above the mindless cycle of eat-grow-replicate-repeat. Mere survival sets narrow limits on the purpose of every other living species. It always has. We torturously build our frontal lobe. We know ourselves, or at least of ourselves and our place in the world. We think beyond tomorrow. We choose how we live. 

Contents Purposeful Enterprise

We cannot choose our destiny. But we can choose our purpose.

We can choose to act with purpose. Or we can muddle along without. 

At our best, we act with intent. As an individual, our actions can only achieve so much. But as a people, as a pack, moving in unison with a shared intent, we move mountains. 

It’s called a movement for a reason. All great human endeavors come not from the acts of the individual, but through their magnification among the masses. Great tribes, great philosophies, great religions, great nations all arise from a movement. From the first spoken word to the domesticated herd, from astronomy to democracy, each may have been sparked by an individual, but they took root and formed us by the committed, aligned actions of many.

This journey can transform your organization, but it starts with you alone. 

We each seek our own meaning, our raison d’etre—our personal compelling purpose. Then we are prepared to come together as a group or community or organization. Only then are we properly equipped to determine which organizations to join! As a child, you participated in the organizations that you inherited. With age, independent judgment, and occasional courage, we accept, defy, alter and extend the relationships we each choose.

Together we align around a shared purpose and hone it into a clear vision until we can recast it as a promise to ourselves and those we care about. We set out the principles that guide our decisions. This liberates us to each pursue our unique passions—the aspects we love and that play to our strengths—as we work toward a common goal. 

When we speak later about “passion”, we refer to the heartfelt reason that you do what you most love to do. Passion animates our actions and makes our lives worth living. Work and life without passion yield a dull existence. You deserve more. Demand more of yourself and for yourself. And demand it of the organization to whom you commit your character and your career.

In a sense, we are purposeful when our daily practices, the actions of the individual and the group, move us deliberately toward our aspirational dream for a better world. And we live a full and worthy life when we pursue it with passion, and with compassion for those who join us, and empathy for those who do not.

Aligning your actions and those of the organization equips you with the superpower of purpose. Together we will explore what it takes to create a singular vision, intention, and coordinated action to serve a shared purpose.