Simon Goodship

Simon wandered from his native Wales to study design in London, practice in New York and Boston, and finally get it right in Chicago.

&g SimonSimon’s quarter century immersed in design wove a path through editorial oversight to branding and information architecture, thence (seriously, he uses terms like “thence”) on to positions leading research, user experience, marketing and advertising.

He has collected over 33 design awards along his serpentine career path. Despite his claims to have actually won them, several look suspiciously like repurposed bowling trophies.

Simon spent a baker’s dozen with Razorfish, becoming a top creative strategist at the largest interactive agency in the world. He guided AT&T to prototype IPTV (interactive TV), led the user experience for Aon’s first digital underwriting platform, developed new media formats for Facebook and Microsoft Surface and worked with Guggenheim Investments to develop a new category of financial product.

Simon’s driving passion for user-centered and multi-disciplinary design shows – in the quality of his clients’ products, and the bump in their balance sheets.

When he needs to cool his overheated cranium, Simon can be found running across the frozen tundra of Chicago’s winter streets wearing little more than what he describes as “running tights”To everyone’s surprise and disappointment, this has yet to become a major tourist attraction.

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