Claudia Russo

Claudia designs environments to promote positive interaction. 


Claudia is a Panamanian designer who believes that the most valuable and unforgettable experiences come from the moment we decide to let go of what we “know.”

Whether she is working on reducing food waste, designing solutions to promote mental health, or helping companies navigate their systemic issues, her approach always welcomes new ideas and perspectives.

Claudia’s interest in design led her across the world to Taiwan, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and worked as a Product Design Lead. She graduated from the Interaction Design masters program at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where her projects gave her a broader scope of impact. She learned that addressing the emotional needs of others is the first step towards natural and sustainable behavioral change.

Claudia feels a strong sense of responsibility to understand the emotional responses that emanate from the products she creates. She aspires to design environments that foster positive interactions.

She is fluent in the language and many of the subcultures of Spanish, English and Mandarin Chinese.

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