Helping big companies act small, & small companies get big.

How do you grow with integrity?

Act on principle.

Effective innovation requires integrity. As in the original Latin “integritās”, where words and actions are one.

At Ampersand, we aspire to act with complete integrity, in pursuit of our purpose.

We innovate with intent.

Intention requires purpose. Life is short. Your work should be your passion. So why do we do what we do? What is our mission?

Above all else we promote freedom – freedom of thought. Freedom to act. Freedom to learn, to adapt, to fail nobly and to thrive graciously.

Free markets, free minds and free souls have done more to elevate the human condition than any prior act.

The free world has made huge strides, raising vast populations from indigence and ignorance to live aspirational lives. But that work never ends. Feel free to ask us about it. Unless you’re in a hurry.

Innovation is the engine of economic freedom. It fires growth. And growth economies beget opportunity, and opportunity demands freedom. Innovation, economic progress and human liberty always march together.

At Ampersand we practice what we preach. We set out a clear philosophy, translated to guiding principles, to inform the everyday actions by which we are all judged.

Align words & actions with values & beliefs. Take it from the top.

  • What does your company believe? What do you value? How well do your actions reflect your aspirations?
  • What markets were you born to serve? What angst do your customers suffer in silence? What opportunities bubble just below the surface?
  • What innovations will you pursue? What must change to make that possible?

We would like to start our relationship by sharing our hierarchy of philosophy, principles and practices, and learning about yours.

So ask yourself — What do you believe? Why does it matter? 

And now the real test — what are you prepared to do?