Angelo Frigo

Angelo pulls his client teams to define, discover and design new possibilities.


ngelo proves adept at all stages of our work, from the early project definition and research framing through the synthesis of findings into viable new business propositions. He learns and he teaches.

First, Angelo learns from our clients as they delineate their business goals and unit strategy. Then Angelo translates growth requirements innovation projects. He specializes in teaching clients to design and ultimately own their own innovation strategy, develop their own new concepts, and ultimately enhance their capabilities.

Angelo has been working extensively to operationalize the digital innovation platform for McDonald’s. For nearly a decade Angelo served as a design team leader at Doblin and as the Chicago Office launch principal for What If.

Angelo earned his Masters in business design from IIT’s Institute of Design and BS in biomedical engineering from the University of Illinois.

As a surfer seeks the perfect wave, Angelo travels the world with running shoes in his quest for the perfect run. Plus it’s hard to take a surfboard in carry-on.

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