Bari Wieselman Schulman PhD

Bari’s passion for behavioral research and innovation resonates through her teams’ solutions — grounded in real needs and observed human behaviors.

Bari Wieselman Schulman PhDCombining psycholinguistics and design research, Bari brings deep analytics, project visioning and a drive for creative problem-solving. Bari’s applied and academic work takes her around the globe — from office buildings to emergency rooms and from school gyms to home kitchens.

Bari frames business challenges and ensures that the voice of the user informs the development of intuitive, meaningful experiences. She serves clients from consumer product, mobile, technology, financial services, B2B, and healthcare industries

Bari led the Research team at Razorfish and helped to grow the research disciplines at Insight Product Development and Sapient.

She lives their craft 24/7, like it or not; Bari’s husband James is a fellow innovator and graduate of the Institute of Design. Bari also serves as a principal with Panorama, specialists in ethnographic research to inform innovation.

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