Build Your Da Vinci Co

How will you design your renaissance company for the future?

Ampersand co-founder Roger Mader and his entrepreneur co-author Dave Hersh have observed, led and advised commercial enterprise from seed-stage startup to monolithic giants of industry. They have teamed together—east meets west, now finds next— to research “The Da Vinci Co” a thesis about the attributes that companies must demonstrate to navigate the tighter, faster, flatter, merciless global market.

In this workshop your executives learn to anticipate the changes ahead and how to evolve to meet those changes.

If you represent a large legacy enterprise, prepare to learn why you need to return to your roots. How can your team adopt the lean behaviors of nimble startups. What must you do to return to the hungry, ambitious and aspirational leadership that your founders once demonstrated. Teams will travel back in time to learn from your own origin story, when the work was hard but the challenge was simple.

If you represent a small company or early stage startup, this workshop will help you assess your position in the market. It will test your connection to your customers. You will see the gaps and come to recognize the DNA required to win at each stage of growth in a ruthless, dynamic but invigorating market.

The authors’ research reveals the ways that market leaders and history’s survivors constantly reconstruct and lead renaissance companies. Participants will discuss how to instill a differentiating competence—the infinite adaptability that comes with a holistic appreciation for both the science of management and art of markets.

Engineer your company to thrive in changing times.

Participants will learn from cases and their own organizations how to produce the right genetic formula—one that allows its people to see more clearly, farther afield and farther ahead. Give your team renewed inspiration, and an aptitude and aspiration to combine art and science, the creative and the critical, the expansive and the analytical.

Watch, learn, pivot and adapt.

You never know what’s just around the corner.