David Ofori-Amoah

At heart a maker, David pursues his passion to bring tangible new products into a better world.


David guides, coaches and gently prods clients to adopt a culture of innovation, employing the methods of design and principles of “design thinking”. He assembled the innovation curriculum and toolkit of design methods to drive faster broader adoption of these methods throughout a consumer product giant. He built the toolkit to guide the acquisition of emerging technologies, and designed digital tools to support the rollout of a refreshed new product development global process. 

As a multifaceted designer, “DOA” designed a brand identity, video series and recruiting collateral to equip a software client and their customers to rethink the way people work in digital organizations. He has led similar projects for HP Enterprise, Marmon International, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

David extended his engineering tenure with Caterpillar to his Master’s degree in Design Strategy at IIT’s Institute of Design. In addition to Ampersand, DOA’s work has been instrumental to client projects for Doblin and as co-founder of Chicago’s Ghost Lab, where he specializes in product concept engineering and identity systems with partner Edwin Lee.

A natural team-builder, David devotes his academic and professional life to experiences in engineering, design, research, and strategy. He works across industries, from architecture, consumer products, electronics, healthcare, and medical devices, to non-profits, telecoms, and transportation.

David’s twin brother Jonathan would be delighted if one of them would relocate from Chicago, after being accosted on various streets and a grocery store by David’s equally confused friends.

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