Defy the Myths of Innovation

Too many of us fall prey to the false assertions about innovation.

Innovations fail too often and too obviously. When you diagnose cause, you may be surprised to learn that business leaders grounded their efforts on flawed assumptions.

The most prevalent and dangerous of the myths of innovation? Assuming that the answer is somehow already in the room. If we just lock enough smart, creative, clever people in with a lifetime supply of sticky notes and markers, they’ll eventually wallpaper the room with brilliance.

Why do we think this? Because there’s a celebrated image of innovation as brainstorming. But the fact remains that you cannot rationally hope to solve a problem you do not understand. And you cannot diagnose the problem when the patient isn’t in the room. Design methods solve these challenges with rigor, discipline and repeatable process. This workshop pulls the veil off of false assumptions and replaces them with case examples and methods to ensure reliable innovation. Ampersand will design your program to meet the specific challenges your teams confront. You won’t just overcome the myths. You’ll use the facts, drawn from years of experience, to solve real problems in real time. Innovate with facts. Innovate with rigor. Crack hard problems with truly viable solutions. Get the growth you deserve.