Don Carli

Don parses big data to discover new markets, products and possibilities. 


Don specializes in helping business leaders and marketing executives identify new product and market opportunities, assess emerging issues, evaluate competitive challenges and support the development and deployment of robust strategies for business transformation and sustainable growth.

He works with Ampersand clients to provide confidential business intelligence, marketing research and strategic planning support services to unveil hidden opportunities for sustainable growth and competitive differentiation. 

Don pioneered massive data intelligence methods for Xerox over more than a decade, informing a number of the breakthroughs that fueled the growth of Silicon Valley’s premiere technologies. This led to his 18 year position as Senior Research Fellow for The Institute for Sustainable Communication (ISC). His insights promote economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development practices in the use of communication media.

Don co-founded Nima Hunter, and in addition to Ampersand works closely with our partners at Branding Business and OTTO near his home in Manhattan.

When he’s not blowing our minds with his multivariant diagrams, Don clears his synapses by swimming laps.

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