Four Tiers of Timeless Innovation

How do you build a self-reinforcing growth engine? Build a comprehensive system for innovation.

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This workshop offers a crash course in the four tiers of innovation competence. Anything less wastes time and money. It disappoints. Your people are trained and then receive outright rejection for their troubles. Your systems are purpose-built to identify and eliminate unfamiliar risk. Or worse—they face death by a thousand cuts as each review whittles their grand passions back to a whisper. Give your participants the wisdom to understand innovation as an organic system. Using powerful case examples relevant to your industry, (e.g. GE, P&G, Ford, Amazon) we show how innovative leaders declare their intent and stand by it. Then they do the slow hard work to build a system of innovation. And in time, that produces a self-reinforcing culture of innovation. We take your executives through this pyramid from top to bottom. Start by testing, restating and translating your timeless purpose into a time-boxed growth agenda. We recommend a three to five-year horizon. (A year proves too short for meaningful innovation and five may push beyond most people’s confidence to project the future. However, your time horizon will be unique to your culture. Some, like Toyota, plot 200 years into the future, knowing full well that navigating a path along the way will cause major readjustments on 5-year increments.) You will learn about the nine strategies that drive growth in various market conditions and at each layer of the organization. 9strategiesMoving to the second tier, we deconstruct a case example to illustrate how you will develop your innovation strategyYou will learn how specialized trend analysis and forecasting, coupled with scenario plans, and an introduction to Ten Types of Innovation. &10types embedded logosThese reveal priority areas of opportunity. We will show ranking methods used to determine where to invest for outsized growth. You will see how this is activated on the next tier, with disciplined methods to design breakthrough innovations, and build the innovation capabilities that reform the DNA of your business.  This session concludes with an interactive working session to build an action plan for your organization, taking it from the top, to ensure you can lead with confidence and act with competence.