Fran Wallis White

Fran helps leaders and their teams to bridge the gap between design and execution to reach the promised land of innovation. 


Fran helps clients to devise repeatable, sustainable approaches to innovation and agility. She harbors a super power; seeing through the mechanisms of complex organizations to the underlying human dynamics. She helps clients see beyond obvious challenges to the predictable but often intangible, frequently misdiagnosed barriers to adoption and execution.

Fran advises chief executives and nurtures the growth of agile cultures, from global enterprises to small and midsize companies. She finds joy in the moments of leverage when a slight shift in a client’s perception of the challenges they face reveals maximum possibilities for individuals, teams, and cultures. Many of her clients know her inspired work as the founder of WoW Consulting.

A Jersey Girl at heart, Fran graduated from Douglass College of Rutgers University, where she majored in Religion and Women’s Studies. Predictably, her first post-college career was as an options trader for a major Wall Street brokerage.

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