Innovate 4D

Make a difference in your career and transform the lives of those you serve with our Innovation Design Thinking Workshop.

Don’t just think like a design champion. Innovate like one.

Welcome to the Ampersand Design Thinking Certificate Program.

Our expert faculty guides you through a 4-day live design thinking workshop or 8-session virtual program where you learn how to apply the methodology of design thinking in order to innovate something.

This journey map in design thinking starts with defining a precise challenge and discovering your customers’ unarticulated needs and desires. With this design thinking workshop, you will be able to design, prototype, and validate surprisingly powerful and distinctive new products, services, and experiences. You will work in a small team and “pitch” your solution to a panel of venture specialists for critique and refinement, which is key to innovation success.

A standard open enrollment course convenes Monday morning through Thursday afternoon.

Remember, Innovation is a Team Sport.

The journey map in design thinking involves four stages of the innovation design process to turn “design thinking methodology” into designed results. You will use your new skills to craft an important innovation and pitch your solution to a panel of experts. Your team solves a real customer challenge and pitches it to an expert innovation panel.

Students work in small teams to:

  1. DEFINE exact requirements to achieve your business goals.
  2. DISCOVER unmet needs of your customers, partners and end users.
  3. DESIGN the best solution and prototype from a range of concepts.
  4. DEPLOY your innovations for market impact.
The design thinking workshop/course is conducted in modules ranging from 90 mins to 2.5 hours, hosted on each morning, Monday through Thursday, over two weeks.

Come, Set the Wheels in Motion for Your Next Innovation

In our open enrollment program, we assemble small diverse collaborative teams. They learn by doing, and apply the key skills in each phase.

Or host a custom program to tackle your most vital innovation challenges.

For organizations that prefer a custom program, Ampersand will walk with you to design the program that best serves your needs. Our faculty design experts will guide your leaders and their project teams to apply the process to a real customer issue you face today.

You may host a standard or customized program in-house to solve a current business innovation challenge. This example represents an extended five-day design thinking workshop with a week off in the middle to conduct user research.