Jennifer Berzansky

Jenn leads empathic, innovative qualitative research to help businesses discover and satisfy their users’ needs, challenges and wants.


Jenn’s rich, comprehensive user research provides essential insight to design exceptional, intuitive digital interfaces. She advocates for users, bringing deep experience in all aspects of UX strategy, design and research.

Jenn has been a trusted advisor to Fortune 100 clients and start-ups. She thrives in entrepreneurial, agile environments that take calculated risks and feed off ideas.

She designs qualitative research initiatives from study concept through presentation of findings. She produces research plans, screeners, discussion guides and protocols, qualitative data repositories and research reports.

This expertise allows her to translate research data into explicit, actionable insights for senior management, product management, user experience, and visual design to development teams. How do customers use and think about our products? How can we illuminate the contexts in which they interact with our products and brands? What unconscious needs are currently unmet that we could satisfy?

Jenn uncovers the “why?” behind user behavior. She works hand-in-hand with quantitative data analysts to craft a deep, rich picture of users and usage. Enjoy her articulate insights at her personal blog: jberzansky.

Her research includes in-person and digital ethnography, field research, contextual inquiry, in-depth interviews and concept and usability testing. She facilitates participatory research, and coaches stakeholders to hear the voice of the customer first-hand. Jenn has also grown several profitable research competencies within digital agencies, evangelizing the advantages mined from a deep understanding of users.

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