Jenny Radbodzeenko

Jenny earns profound empathy for end users by walking miles in their shoes.


A cultural anthropologist by training and instinct, Jenny applies her vast ethnographic and analytical expertise to solve nagging business challenges.

At her core, Jenny represents the heart and mind of her research subjects; she lives in the field with them to build a deep understanding one step at a time, solidly grounded in the context of their daily lives. Her diligence ensures that design strategies and solutions serve real people’s needs. She leads innovation research projects for both early stage ventures and major global companies in healthcare, education, technology, and retail.

Jenny co-founded Careful Eye Video Projects, a vehicle to capture the insights from her work, and an umbrella for her parallel interests in curating and writing. She previously led innovation research teams and projects for Chicago boutiques Conifer and Doblin Group (Deloitte).

Jenny earned her undergraduate degree from Harvard, her masters in social anthropology from University of Cambridge, and her doctorate in cultural anthropology from the University of Chicago. She operates fluently in English and Russian, and her beaming smile can get you served by a sniffy garçon in Paris.

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