Jon Lehman

Jon leads analyst teams to model probable futures and market potential.


Jon serves as an adjunct professor of management at Vanderbilt University’s Owen School of Business. He served until recently as an Associate Dean, with responsibility for the development of Owen’s health care portfolio of programs, as well as, admissions, career placement and student life.

With experience as a financially savvy CEO and venture investor, Jon leads analyst teams for Ampersand, to construct financial models to calculate probabilities and quantify future market scenarios, business models and innovative offerings.

As an executive, Jon served as CEO of Evolved Digital Systems, providing digital-based image and information management systems for health care. He served as EVP and Director of Futurekids, an international computer training publisher to help K-12 schools use technology to transform education. He continues to be an active private investor in early stage companies.

In 1990, he founded and served as Principal of The Section Companies, a consulting and private investment firm whose clients included The Walt Disney Company and Ziff-Davis.

Earlier in his career, Jon was an associate with McKinsey & Company; special projects manager for the publishing division of Capital Cities; and marketing manager for Fairchild Publications in New York. He was also honored as a White House Fellow National Finalist.

Jon holds earned his MBA with distinction from the Harvard Business School. He makes his home in Nashville.

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