Julian Walker

Julian brings both sides of his brain to the design challenge.


Julian combines uncommon talents among design professionals. He can draw. And he can count.

In his masters work at the IIT Institute of Design, Julian supplements his design strategy with a passion for social justice, systems thinking, and business design. 

His projects seek to build transformational empathy for oppressed groups, designing for equitable futures, and business model design.

Julian’s Master in Accounting from the Ross School of Business and BA in Accounting from Florida A&M University speak to his penchant toward analytical thinking and his respect for the details. As a Management Consultant Julian has managed large engagement teams as well as co-developed service offerings, assisting clients in navigating business risks related to contractual obligations, financial and regulatory.

In his free time (outside of the University of Michigan Football season) you can find Julian discovering new artists at local live music venues and scouring local record stores (still a thing) for the next addition to his vinyl collection.

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