Justine Lai

Justine helps companies integrate their customers’ voice throughout the organization.


As a research strategist, Justine helps organizations identify and develop new opportunities for growth, grounded in a rigorous understanding of customer needs. She coaches executives and teams to adapt their internal structure, processes, and practices to bring new offerings to life.

Justine blends her experience in psychology research and organizational turnaround with human insights, matching user needs with business requirements. She avoids the risk of academic simplicity by plotting these activities in both a market and an organizational context.

Where applicable, Justine guides team collaboration in a workshop approach. First they state a clear purpose and goals, then immerse in a joint analysis of customer needs with statistical validation of larger trends. This builds a foundation for new solution development and organizational redesign.

She works with both startups and large companies, tackling a range of societal and organizational challenges: behavioral health, healthcare, community development, enterprise software and education.

Justine’s MBA in Innovation Management from Wharton and BA in psychology and sociology from Barnard speak to her love of combining human empathy with analytical reasoning to create better products, services, and organizations. In her free time, you can find Justine sweating to reclaim her glory days as a ballet dancer, and designing jewelry inspired by materials she discovers during her travels.

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