Mark House

Mark designs and divines data studies, scaling human insights into market strategies.


Mark combines uncommon fields of expertise. As an anthropologist he is trained and deeply experienced in direct observation of individual and group behaviors to reveal unmet needs. As a statistical data analyst he translates the behaviors and preferences of consumers into actionable insights for companies worldwide. This powerful dichotomy equips Mark to design and conduct research that pairs data collection and analysis with the precise demands of the project, grounded in qualified ethnographic insights.

Mark’s ethnographic research has taken him to the field in many cultures around the world, with special emphasis in North America, Mexico, Ecuador and Russia. Currently he focuses on applying quantitative methods such as social network analysis and multivariate data reduction techniques to elevate the qualitative needs observed in the field to a scale that companies can use to inform their investment decisions. Since 2007 he has worked on over 100 projects for commercial, government and academic interests, with a focus on the financial sector.

Mark also serves as an Interim Professor of Management at Santa Fé College. He draws on his training and experience in business to teach courses in management and e-commerce.

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