Michael Croton

Michael advises leaders to align their actions to their aspirations if they are to lead effectively.


Michael advises senior leaders, executive teams, boards and companies to speak with a clear voice and a direct message.

He helps top executives to articulate a meaningful sense of purpose for the organization – grounded in reality while reaching for the future. Putting the smith in wordsmith, Michael helps teams translate a few words of purpose into what happens next: it might be a plan, an idea about growth, a manifesto for change, a strategy for innovation or a case for investors. He welds the new purpose and strategy to the operational wheels that have to turn every day.

Michael’s clients invite their people to share a sense of what’s possible, to build on it and join in making it happen. He coaxes teams to generate the big ideas that can make the future real, and build them into live pilots and tangible evidence of what’s now possible.

His career has been apportioned equally between roles as an external advisor, and leading in-house. He organized and led global, multi-disciplinary communication teams for bp, Boots and Barclays. He knows too much about the pain of making change happen in big organizations, and the value of building trusting long-term partnerships with external advisors.

Michael holds a Masters degree in Literature from Cambridge University. He lives in London, and can generally be found somewhere between a cricket pitch and a decent claret at Shoreditch House.

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