Renu Zunjarwad, PhD

Renu brings design and anthropology research practices together.


Renu is an experienced Ph.D. working in industry and higher education. She has worked as a consultant with clients from e-commerce, tech, healthcare, UX, consumer electronics, and architecture. She recently worked as a research consultant for a Fortune 100 company to make sense of sports fans’ sports watching behaviors and recommended actionable insights to drive user-centered innovation.

Renu offers an extensive toolkit of research methods; she specializes in designing, developing, and employing various iterative research strategies customized to each project. These include qualitative design research, ethnography, structured interviews, generative research, diaries, surveys, and contextual studies for a variety of in-person and remote projects.

Renu is academically trained as an industrial designer and architect, and her Ph.D. innovated new business opportunities for ethnic street foods in the U.S. market. Renu believes that the best part of doing research is to make sense of what do you do with it and how to best share the outputs with peers, teams, stakeholders, and decision-makers. Her design training applies to design thinking methods, data visualization, storytelling, and software skills.

Renu advocates empathetic and culturally diverse research practices to fully engage users, clients, and stakeholders to create sustainable and human-centered design solutions. Her international research experience uses her trilingual proficiency in English, Hindi, and Marathi.

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