Stacy Benjamin

Stacy focuses on helping others to be better at what they do.


An expert in combining design methodology with business strategy to drive innovation, Stacy leads innovation programs as a teacher and a coach. Over two decades she has discovered unmet needs and solved them with better solutions across industries—medical equipment and healthcare, finance, technology, industrial equipment, energy,, and consumer products.  She works with start-ups, nonprofits, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies.  This range expands her perspective, to look at any challenge from multiple points of view.

Stacy is also the Director of the Segal Design Certificate program at Northwestern University. Certificate students apply design thinking in a team-based, interdisciplinary setting while identifying and solving real-world problems for actual clients. Stacy is the lead instructor of the Interdisciplinary Design Projects sequence, where student teams work in a studio atmosphere similar to a small design firm.

Stacy got her start at IDEO, as a mechanical engineer then senior project leader, working in all stages of product development from needs identification and concept generation through manufacturing support. She has an MS in mechanical engineering from

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