Stephen Giorgio

As an architect, Stephen fuses art and science to design the future.


Early on, Stephen learned that design is nothing without grounding. As a designer by trade with a business acumen built on the ground, his work ties design thinking and business strategy to create solutions grounded in purpose, capabilities, and resources. Growth through innovation needs to be thoughtful, executable, and earn value through impactful human experiences.  

From change management consultant to design principal to strategist and creative director, Stephen has led a diverse and active career. His curiosity keeps in agile, iterative, and continually evolving. His work spans across industries, including public and cultural institutions, healthcare, and non-profits. His expertise is in leading large complex agencies to align objectives, produce thoughtful solutions, and navigate governing agencies. His knowledge of working systems allows him to draw on various experiences to bring fresh insights.

Life is a journey of learning—Stephen feeds his curiosity for life and people and what motivates them—a passion he hopes that he and his wife can engrain in their children. He considers himself an ambassador of design to propel human progress.  

An active father and husband enjoying the outdoors in Philadelphia, Stephen loves European soccer (he’ll play anytime – at the drop of a ball), connecting with others, and reading insatiably. He hopes to reengage in improv if he survives learning to skateboard with his son. Oh, and launching his tennis career.

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