Taylor Long

Taylor divines insights from human behavior.


Taylor leads human-centered research. She translates insights from the field into actionable design principles to shape strategy and innovation. As a journalist, she believes passionately in the power of asking the right question. She leverages her experience interviewing Michelin star chefs, political leaders and dignitaries to ensure clients get the most out of interviews, ideation sessions and remote research panels.

She analyzes and synthesizes data, piecing together emerging trends to form a cohesive narrative. A skilled writer and producer, Taylor finds fresh angles for our projects, creating immersive video collections, workshops, reports, presentations  and research evidence to help inspire, socialize research, and maximize project success.

Taylor has worked across industries—CPG, food & beverage, healthcare, home improvement and high tech. Her projects range from exploratory foundational research and new product pipeline to in-store evaluations and concepting.

Recently, she’s turned her eye to civic innovation, while pursuing a masters degree in urban planning. Look for her writing on the role of user research in creating sustainable, equitable cities of the future.

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