Todd McCullough

Todd advises CEOs and executive teams to grow their businesses in a more systemic, repeatable way to drive substantial improvements.


As cofounder of Ampersand and a Venture Capital partner, Todd inspires and cultivates higher aspirations.

He has advised over 100 of the Fortune 500 companies to innovate and grow with discipline and intent. He works with industry leaders in Retail, Healthcare, CPG, Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Hospitality to differentiate them in the eyes of customers, and against their competition. He instills “growth strategy through innovation” as a discipline.

Todd led the launch of the Louisville Healthcare CEO Council; CEOs of ten top healthcare companies now collaborate with the mayor and civic leaders to position Louisville as the premier city for Innovation in Aging, accelerating the local healthcare economy.

Todd has adopted the goal of ‘democratizing’ the science of innovation for smaller firms. He is the Chairman of Kernel Equity, a firm that leverages cost advantaged digital development—spanning from start ups to global giants, governments, academia and advisors—to build and grow valuable new offerings.

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