Craft Your Customer Journey

Design an ideal user experience across the five stage cycle of the customer journey. 

Great experience requires great design. Don’t just look at the obvious touch points with your customer. To match the true and often unconscious decision criteria of your target audience, you have to get way out in front. How can you understand the triggers that invite consideration that even the customer doesn’t recognize? And how do you manage memories after the fact to compel a continuous relationship? Consider the five stages that must be addressed continuously to design an immersive and engaging customer experience. ux-arrowAt Ampersand we describe the five stages of this virtuous loop. When carefully considered, your customer journey spirals along a perpetual Fibonacci curve—nature’s golden mean—evolving in an endless repeating arc. Relationships grow deeper with each cycle building bonds of greater understanding, intimacy and loyalty.


Quantified as “Phi”

This workshop takes participants on a journey. Maybe we’re going to Disneyland! Maybe we’re going to the Apple Store. Maybe breakfast at Tiffany’s. Or the thoughtful lifelong care of your family doctor. We select or custom-design journeys for your audience to demonstrate how each of the five stages, designed for empathy, will cast an intimate spell over your customer’s experience. You do not compete with the other market leader in your sector. You compete with Disney and Apple and Amazon. They’ve reset the standard of experience for your customer.


Even sleep in a Disney bed


Move beyond mere assets

We next deconstruct your customer experience. We help participants feel what it’s like to be on the receiving end of your business. Videos, walking tours, customer testimonials—any of these can help your people to walk a mile in their user’s shoes. We celebrate the great moments, and pinpoint the problems, gaps and mishaps in each stage. Redesigning experience challenges conventional wisdom. What are the unstated boundaries and “rules of the game” that limit possibilities at your company? Participants will identify and test these orthodoxies. Do banks really need to be closed on Sunday? Do you really need to stand in line for a hotel room you’ve already reserved? Why do the grocery stores least valuable customers get their own express line? Where’s the love for my overflowing cart? 3-orthodoxiesFinally, we subdivide into teams to redesign the journey. Depending on your audience size and diversity of functional representation, we might have them design competing solutions, and bring together the best ideas from each. Or we might have each team design one of the five stages, and meld them together in plenary. Or we may give each team a different level of ambition, from “you fix what’s broken today” to “you have a blank slate” or “the sky’s the limit”. Unleashing their creative ambitions allows you to push farther than they may have dared in the past to discover wholly new ways to delight your customer.


A better grocery UX

This session can be conducted in a half day but the best results involve a prework exercise to video record your current customer journey, and ideally spans across two days so teams can investigate best practices on the afternoon of Day 1 to apply them to iterate their designs on the morning of Day 2.