Mike Lang

Mike informs and transforms critical processes and practices to drive sustainable growth.


Most companies make the mistake of working inside out. Mike brings the outside in. By scanning contemporary market activities and dissecting historical precedents, Mike helps his clients see opportunities and risks with wider breadth and deeper insight. It might not occur to an energy company that their seemingly unassailable business model looks very like disrupted predecessors. Blocks of ice were once delivered to the home, just like milk, like newspapers. The iceman no longer cometh. What are the lessons for any business model that centrally produces and widely distributes perishable consumables? Ask Mike.

While with Toshiba and Panasonic, Mike used technology and automation strategies to profoundly change how field service, sales and healthcare teams operate and interact. He worked with Exelon, Humana, Community Health Systems, TVA, GE, Nissan, John Deere and Navistar among others.

With global power generation giant Asea Brown Boveri, Mike formulated process improvements and designs for fossil and nuclear power generation plants, specifically for environmental compliance and higher efficiency.

Mike served as a signals intelligence officer in the US Air Force after graduating from Vanderbilt University as a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. He makes his home in Nashville.

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